A Year of Cheese Sandwiches  

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Just a quick post. I had to share this! 52 weeks of gourmet sandwiches. That's right a whole year of gorgeous, cheese inspired, DIY delicacies. Thanks for the inspiration Fromagesdici.com!

Bush Leaves Nasty Cheese Situation for President Obama  

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Politics and Cheese clash again. In his last week in office, George W. Bush was not as idle as you'd imagine. Au contraire! He had just enough time to triple the tax on Roquefort cheese imported from France. The UK Telegraph reports that José Bové has threatened to take symbolic action against America. Doesn't seem like much of a threat? Do you remember the 1999 incident of a McDonalds in France being dismantled bolt by bolt (ny times)? That was when Roquefort tax doubled. And yep, that was Bové.
French government has promised to take action; possibly in the form of a similarly symbolic coca-cola tax. But first, lets try a bit of bribery: The Obama's can expect a 4.5 pound package of the pungent cheese. "Michel Barnier, the Agriculture Minister, has urged Obama to reverse the roquefort decision and head off another French campaign against the symbols of US fast food. 'I hope that he will avoid mediocre little measures like the one just taken against roquefort,' Barnier said."(times online). Could that sentence even be said with out a French accent and a slight dismissive wave of the hand?

More Objects Covered in Cheese:  

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Just a quick link-and-run...but this is follow up to my last post: cheese room. Isn't it weird how suddenly I'm seeing all sorts of things covered in cheese? Is this some new fad? Or is it like learning a new vocabulary word and then suddenly you hear it everywhere?

(comic from Subnormality)

Hotel Room Covered in Cheese  

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It's called art (formerly known as cheese). This is an older piece by Cosimo Cavallaro. You may have heard of his "Chocolate Jesus" that gained a fair bit of infamy but "Cheese Room" and other works like the "Ham Bed" seemed to fall below the attention of major news networks.
Usually I'd be saddened by the waste of delicious dairy-ness...but this doesn't look appetizing at all. And if it is indeed the industrial strength cheese whiz it appears to be, then, in my opinion, it was never edible to begin with. In fact, Jesus may be the only consumable looking thing Cavallero has made out of food. His "Candy Chair" looks downright toxic. And the "Ham Bed"...makes my stomach roll. I'm not even linking it. If you're so desperate to get ill you'll have to google it on you own.

Ceramic Jar Blue Stilton  

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I've got this incredible spread laid out in front of me...and darned if my camera isn't out of batteries. My lunch consists of a mini baguette, a handful of almonds, a stunningly aromatic tropical green tea and the pièce de résistance: Oxford Cheese company's ceramic jar Blue Stilton. (Thanks to my Aunt Meri for sending this gem from the UK)

It's a little clay crock decorated with an old fashioned blue etched landscape. Pop the lid off and there is a thick bit of wax sealing in cheese itself. This stilton has the familiar hard kicking tang, but it doesn't go straight for the tonsils. It's just classier than that. It makes me think of walnuts and lemons. And the texture is..frustratingly perfect balance of moist yet hinting about crubblyness. I'm thinking "Maybe its the compression of the pot environment?" but its hard to think because the spoon is back in my mouth and I'm drifting away on lemon tang again.
I'll post pictures of the pot when I get new batteries...I'm not guaranteeing they'll be any cheese left by then. In the mean time here is a picture of the Oxford Cheese Comapny shop, sole producer of this blue stilton.

President Brie Log  

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So, I was asked to try out the President Brie Log...and I gotta say I was nervous. I mean, any food with the words "log" or "ring" bring frightening flashbacks of 1970's appetizers (take one pound of processed cheese food, add 1 can pimentos, shape and serve!!).
I picked a quiet morning; grabbed a pear, a knife, my cheese log, and settled in. After all, I've had regular president brie so I imagined I knew what to expect. But I took one bite and I lept straight up. It was good! No. It was fantastic! There was no way I could eat this by myself. (child development textbooks talk about toddlers "spontaneous sharing of enjoyment" response...guess that never goes away :). I immediately went into a mini frenzy of activity. I rewrapped the brie in wax paper and set it aside for the dinner guests that were, conveniently, coming over that night. And then I scurried off to get water crackers...Ooo and my mom's homemade peach chutney was a perfect match! I haven't been this excited about sharing a cheese since that irish cheese which involved having to recite a long tale about widows and rare cow breeds.
As dinner approached I got more whipped up. Would my guests find the President Brie Log to be everything I did? I mean, here I was, a certifiable cheese snob, serving a cheese that you can find in most supermarkets. (Ooo, but isn't that the holy grail of cheese hunting? Finding the cheese that both novices and gourmets can enjoy, that's resonably priced, and easy to find??) When they finally arrived it was obvious I had had nothing to fear. The brie log was the talk of the evening (lasting far longer than the cheese itself, which was entirely descimated in record time - by just the four of us!). I felt postively glazed in hostess-with-the-mostess praise.
So here's my advice: try this cheese! Creamy, immenetly approachable, absolute bliss to pair with other hors d'oeuvres... this cheese is fail safe. There just is no reason not to have this cheese. Hmm, on that note I better bring some for christmas dinner.
Link: President Cheese Website

Cheese Economy Troubles  

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AHHHhhhh!! Quick, everyone panic! More economics crisis in the cheese industry! Parmigiano-Reggiano prices plummet below the cost to actually produce the cheese. And the proposed solution? According to Cookthink: "The Italian government has approved an OPEC-like plan that will let cheesemakers pull 100,000 wheels of cheese off the market in an attempt to drive the wholesale price back up."
Sigh. We already knew it time to tighten our belts... usually that means more pasta nights and less going out. But now even our mac and cheese will have less cheese. Well, time to scrap the plans for Lobster Mac N' Cheese. Time to get lean and mean with the cheese. Lovely photo of huervos rancheros...with like, a nano dusting of orange cheddar...