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It’s a beautiful spring day, warm and rainy. And like a good portion of females, spring starts me thinking about fashion. I’m currently stepping out in my sateen trench coat the color of 5-year aged Gouda. I’ve got a slightly clashing Velveeta colored umbrella. Are you sensing a theme here? Things may have gotten out of hand… but just because cheese is my passion doesn’t mean I only dress in orange and white. Heavens no. I can’t go around ignoring the beauty of Bleu, Port-Wine, Smoke and Sage. I’ve even got a Windsor Red tiger striped bra and panty set. Ahem. Back to the food.
I had a beautiful blue this weekend: Cashel Blue Irish Farmhouse. The body was a soft cream color with a gray blue mold. It reminds me of cable-knit sweaters and blustery winds rolling off a gray ocean. (I haven’t been to Ireland but I’ve got a vivid imagination and this seems like a nice fit). The cheese has an excellent flavor too. Some blues have a sharp contrast between the blue and the white both in color, texture and flavor, but not this Cashel. The blue bits blend right into the creamy body giving lending pungency to the overall rich flavor.
This cheese is just right for me. I’m a real pearl and leather kind of girl. It’s got to feel rich and luxurious but I love that warm musky scent of animal and earth too. A cheese like Cashel has everything it needs to get my attention.

-Thanks to the Country Butcher Market in Kennett Square, PA. Dan was exceptionally helpful in tracking down the cheeses I enjoyed after I lost the labels. He also mentions: "Cashel Blue is from a farm in Beechmount, (near Cashel) and it is the only blue cheese (cow's milk)in Ireland. It is similar to the world's finest Gorgonzola. Our Irish Farmhouse cheese is one of many cheeses we sell from small farms throughout Europe."

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