Cheese Economy Troubles  

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AHHHhhhh!! Quick, everyone panic! More economics crisis in the cheese industry! Parmigiano-Reggiano prices plummet below the cost to actually produce the cheese. And the proposed solution? According to Cookthink: "The Italian government has approved an OPEC-like plan that will let cheesemakers pull 100,000 wheels of cheese off the market in an attempt to drive the wholesale price back up."
Sigh. We already knew it time to tighten our belts... usually that means more pasta nights and less going out. But now even our mac and cheese will have less cheese. Well, time to scrap the plans for Lobster Mac N' Cheese. Time to get lean and mean with the cheese. Lovely photo of huervos rancheros...with like, a nano dusting of orange cheddar...

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A reduction in world cheese availability is an outrage.

October 28, 2008 at 12:17 PM

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