Ceramic Jar Blue Stilton  

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I've got this incredible spread laid out in front of me...and darned if my camera isn't out of batteries. My lunch consists of a mini baguette, a handful of almonds, a stunningly aromatic tropical green tea and the pièce de résistance: Oxford Cheese company's ceramic jar Blue Stilton. (Thanks to my Aunt Meri for sending this gem from the UK)

It's a little clay crock decorated with an old fashioned blue etched landscape. Pop the lid off and there is a thick bit of wax sealing in cheese itself. This stilton has the familiar hard kicking tang, but it doesn't go straight for the tonsils. It's just classier than that. It makes me think of walnuts and lemons. And the texture is..frustratingly perfect balance of moist yet hinting about crubblyness. I'm thinking "Maybe its the compression of the pot environment?" but its hard to think because the spoon is back in my mouth and I'm drifting away on lemon tang again.
I'll post pictures of the pot when I get new batteries...I'm not guaranteeing they'll be any cheese left by then. In the mean time here is a picture of the Oxford Cheese Comapny shop, sole producer of this blue stilton.

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