Hotel Room Covered in Cheese  

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It's called art (formerly known as cheese). This is an older piece by Cosimo Cavallaro. You may have heard of his "Chocolate Jesus" that gained a fair bit of infamy but "Cheese Room" and other works like the "Ham Bed" seemed to fall below the attention of major news networks.
Usually I'd be saddened by the waste of delicious dairy-ness...but this doesn't look appetizing at all. And if it is indeed the industrial strength cheese whiz it appears to be, then, in my opinion, it was never edible to begin with. In fact, Jesus may be the only consumable looking thing Cavallero has made out of food. His "Candy Chair" looks downright toxic. And the "Ham Bed"...makes my stomach roll. I'm not even linking it. If you're so desperate to get ill you'll have to google it on you own.

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