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Happy Tax Day!  

Posted by Keri in

Happy tax day everyone. I know everyone is probably too busy running around gathering last minute tax info. could just be me, I've procrastinated horribly this year. But there's always time for cheese!
A friend of mine, who has been interested in bee-keeping, asked me if there were any cheeses made with honey. My response: "of course!". Really I think just about everything has been chucked into a cheese at one time or another. A prime example is "Mr. Holmes's Pomfrit". Its a British cheese coated in liquorice liqueur and sweetened with heather honey. I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying it but with a name like that, well, its certainly on my must-have list!

Oh but I found that too fast...quick I must further distract myself from the inevitable trip to the post office. Hey check that out! Its the history of the invention of the cheese slicer! A fairly basic tale of problematic gouda and necessity being the mother of invention and all that, but what really gets me is the last line "text provided by the Norwegian patent office". That means that someone was looking up cheese in the archives of a foreign patent office. Wow. Now that is dedication to the cause. I think the challenge flag has been raised. I'm going to need to go on a cheese mission now.